A Hard On for Equipment!


Thank You Universe!!!!

My Greyhound ticket came in the mail this week. And thought that may not be a life changing event it is definitely a sign. What do I see in the cover, but the glorious scene of a crowd grooving to the sounds of an all powerful DJ that is to be my destiny.

Just as I’m thinking that I’m falling into the same patters of self sabotage, what with missing class last week, and being so NOT into the reading part of my class, the universe sends me this oh so powerful message in the packaging of, literally, my ticket to DJ-dom. The Caption says: “Stop less. Go more. GO.” It is my mantra for the rest of the ride.

My higher self (Name to be disclosed as she introduces herself to me) looks down and says, “You know you better get back to that book, right?” I sigh and open my book up to the page with all the pretty pics of mics and capsule dissections and try to engrave as much of it in my head as I can before I get to school.

Class was interesting. I think I was hated on but, I’m not sure. We were given the task to setup a mixer with two types of mics and I had to plug the mics in (woo hoo). So we record and when we are playing the two recorded sounds. The condenser mic is not recording to our satisfaction and ofcourse, the girl must’ve plugged them in wrong. No, sir, I plugged them in correctly. I even asked where do you want it? ;D I can follow direction, I promise. All three of my fellow group members went back and reviewed my work only to find that indeed I am very well qualified to plug things into the right spots. (I am having way to much fun with this) So, our session was concluded by the proff giving us a tease tour of where we would be gathering next week. Studio F: a room set up with mixers hooked up to revs and delays, and distortions, and OMG! I had a hard on for the equipment the moment I walked in the room. Higher self said and I quote “This is what I’m talking about!” We’re gonna terrorize up in here!

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Dj Diary


So I started taking on the exhausting commutte to Boston for an Audio Production course. DAmn! It's a mission! I guess it works in my favor in that I can read my books while I get there and back... I'm the only female in the class (heeey....;]) and I intend to use this in my favor (can you say study group?) My roommate gave me a journal (she's a writer) to document my journey. I finally finished the Front & Inside Covers. (Pic below) Anywho, I am there to learn the ins and outs of being a DJ. I like playing with music - and I'm damn good at it! ;] But the dream doesn't stop there... Stay tuned for more Adventures of the Mighty Devilyn!

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